Details: Registered
Tennessee Walking Horse
Breeders' & Exhibitors' Association,
& Spotted Saddle Horse Breeders'
& Exhibitors' Association
Black/White - Gelding
Foaled 4-15-2005



We raised this horse from one of our mares and Paints Red Rooster. When he was 6 months old we donated
him to our county fair for a fund raiser - that explains his registration name - we call him "Reward". After 3 years, we
bought him back. He will be 4 years old on 4/15/09. The people who won him had broke him to ride - trail. This
horse is gentle, easy to catch, load, shoe, etc. He is a people horse - friendly but not in your back pocket kind of a
horse. He is an easy keeper - in the pasture all winter with the others - they all get along extremely well. This gelding
is ready to hit the trail and you will enjoy his great personality. Registered TWHBEA and SSHBEA.
                                                                                         Paint The Town
                                                                    Paints Rooster
                                                                                         Rocket's Miss Merry
                                                        Paint's Handshaker
                                                                                         Big Shaker M.
                                                                    Shakers Celebration
                                                                                         Racking Persuader
                                        Paints Red Rooster
                                                                                        Bob's Beaucoup Boy
                                                                    In Living Color
                                                                                        Clowns Blue Bell
                                                      Color Of Poison
                                                                                        Sealys L.G.S.
                                                                    Miss Lula Bell
                                                                                        My Lula
              A Reward For The Fair
                                                                                        Romeo's Jet
                                                                    Paint Me Delight
                                                                                        Paint's Sandy Sun
                                                      Paint's Bit Of Delite
                                                                                        Paint's Landlord
                                                                    Paint's Honey
                                                                                        Delight's Bit O Honey
                                        Trester's Paint Delite
                                                                                        Holiday's Hotshot
                                                                    Midnight Color Flash
                                                                                        Jane's Go Go Girl
                                                     Go Trester Go
                                                                                        Holiday's Hotshot
                                                                    Judy's B Hotshot
                                                                                        Dawn's Judy B.

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