Registered -
Racking Horse Breeders'
Association of America &
Spotted Saddle Horse Breeders'
& Exhibitors' Association
Black/White - Tobiano
15 Hands
Stud Fee:$200.00 LFG
Mare Care: $5.00 a day
Pick up and delivery available
Current negative coggins 

Sire of Chief's Copy Cat
Night Chief Bandit
                                                                                         Midnight Sun
                                                                    Mac's Shining
                                                                                         Pat Mcknight
                                                        I'm A Dandy
                                                                    Speckle Bird S.
                                                                                         Merry Bird Allen
                                                                    Smokey Joe
                                                                                        Bay Lady
                                                                                        Merry Boy's Sky Pilot
                                                                    Snow Ball
                                                                                        Allen's White Leggings
              Night Chief Bandit
                                                                                        Midnight Sun
                                                                                        Dixie Wilson L.
                                                      Pride of Sundust
                                                                                        Pride of Hall Allen
                                                                    Lassie Pride
                                                                                        Ben Lowman Lassie
                                        Midnight Sun Dust
                                                                                        Midnight Sun
                                                                    Sun's Commander H.C.
                                                                                        Bell Wilson Allen
                                                     Commander's Duchess
                                                                                        Sun Dust
                                                                    Sun Dust Pepper Ann
                                                                                        Peggy Allen Cathey
That's right! The answer to the question on the welcome page is that this marking looks like the profile of an indian chief.
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