Chestnut/White - Tobiano - 15H
Foaled 5-04-1998
Registered: Tennessee Walking Horse Breeders'
& Exhibitors' Association, Racking Horse Breeders'
Association of America, Spotted Saddle Horse
Breeders' & Exhibitors' Association, National Spotted
Saddle Horse Association, and United Racking Horse
Owners & Exhibitors Association
Paints Red Rooster
"Rooster" is a beautiful registered chestnut & white gelding. He has a great gait slow or fast. Easy to catch, load, clip, shoe, etc.
We have owned him since he was a yearling. He is sound in every way. He is an eye catcher and a super ride - a stand out on the trail.
                                                                                      Shadow's Black Bird
                                                                    Paint The Town
                                                                                        Dusty Sally
                                                        Paints Rooster
                                                                                        Sun's Rocket Go Boy
                                                                    Rocket's Miss Merry
                                                                                        Star's Miss Merry
                                        Paint's Handshaker
                                                                                        Shakers Perfection S.
                                                                    Big Shaker M.
                                                                                        Little Merry Jean
                                                        Shakers Celebration
                                                                                        Sun's Dusky Star
                                                                    Racking Persuader
                                                                                        Scooter's Azalea
             Paints Red Rooster
                                                                                        Shakers Quarterback
                                                                    Bob's Beaucoup Boy
                                                                                        Go Boy's Bonnie Blue
                                                        In Living Color
                                                                                        Clown's Laddie
                                                                    Clowns Blue Bell
                                                                                        Pine Mountain Mist
                                        Color Of Poison
                                                                                        My Go Boy's Glory
                                                                    Sealys L.G.S.
                                                                                        Doc's Black Beauty
                                                        Miss Lula Bell
                                                                                        Pride Of Merry Go Boy
                                                                    My Lula
                                                                                        Doc's Merry Miss

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