Details: Registered
Tennessee Walking Horse Breeders' & Exhibitors' Association
Spotted Saddle Horse Breeders'
& Exhibitors' Association, &
National Spotted Saddle Horse
Black/White - Tobiano - Gelding - 15H
Foal Date: 5-27-2006

Rooster Collects Sunshine 
A well bred, good looking and lots of talent colt, black and white foaled 5-27-06. We call him "Sunshine Boy,"
since he loves to lay out in the sun. He is registered TWHBEA, SSHBEA and NSSHA. His sire is Paints Red Rooster,
and the dam Collectors' Two Tone Gal. This one will go on to be what you want - show or trail. He is
up to date on shots - west nile, flu (ewt), and strangles. Also, he has had his wolf teeth pulled - ready to start riding.
Sunshine Boy spent 2 months with a professional trainer for trail riding and spotted sport horse training. He will go
in ditches, water, logs, up hill, down hill, etc. Also, he will back with ease, neck rein, climb a 20" high block and turn
on it (4' square) - step over poles on the ground, logs and a tarp. He is just started on side passing. After that training
I have ridden him to prepare him for the show ring - that has been 2 more months with me (total of 4 months training).
I'm 75 and we get along really well - no buck, rear, jump and I feel completely relaxed riding him. He will come to you
in the pasture to catch - load, clip, shoe (been shod 3 times) all with the greatest of ease. Here is a good one - started right
and ready to work for you. We raised him and still own his sire and dam - he was 2 years old 5/27/08. He has been trained
to pull a cart.
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