Details: Registered

Tennessee Walking Horse
Breeders' & Exhibitors' Association
Chestnut/White - Stallion
Foaled 3-30-2013


Rex was born 3/30/13 here at our farm. His sire is Paints Red Rooster, that we were standing here at the time.
You can see him on our web site. Also, we owned the dam, she is a great gaited, gentle brood mare - registered TWHBEA.
We still have her. This boy is still a stallion. We had hoped to keep him but sometime ago I had a stroke and being 82,
I decided to sell him. He is so sensible, easy to handle - a truly people horse. He is 14.1 has a great confirmation -
here is the right kind. He has never been ridden, jus taught to lead (see video). He has a chip in his neck for ID purposes.
                                                                                         Paint The Town
                                                                    Paints Rooster
                                                                                         Rocket's Miss Merry
                                                        Paint's Handshaker
                                                                                         Big Shaker M.
                                                                    Shakers Celebration
                                                                                         Racking Persuader
                                        Paints Red Rooster
                                                                                        Bob's Beaucoup Boy
                                                                    In Living Color
                                                                                        Clowns Blue Bell
                                                      Color Of Poison
                                                                                        Sealys L.G.S.
                                                                    Miss Lula Bell
                                                                                        My Lula
              Rooster's Easter Xtravganz
                                                                                        Debbies Dude
                                                                    Alabama Spiderman
                                                                                        Stanley's Clown
                                                      Tenn Spotted Collector
                                                                                        Ebony's Collector
                                                                    Wishful Collector
                                                                                        Shaker's Black Opal
                                        Collector's Two Tone Gal
                                                                                        Triple Threat
                                                                    Threat's Black Power
                                                                                        Spook's Sister
                                                     Black Power's Diane
                                                                                        Go Boy's Shadow
                                                                    Shadow's Cottonwood
                                                                                        Queen Of Cottonwood

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